RES ENGINEERS, INC. offers the following Services: 
Testing and Inspection Services During Construction (as required by Building Code)
Evaluation of In-Place Materials and Existing Structures
Failure Investigation
Research and Product Development
Design of New Structures and Retrofit of Existing Structures
Material Engineering and Consulting
Fire Damage Evaluation

If you would like a competitive proposal including a list of specific projects and client references, please contact our offices at: 415-822-4625 or 925-932-4600.

Typical projects include:
Special inspection in accordance with Chapter 17 of the Building Code.
Evaluation of URM, historical or hazardous structures.
Building surveys to determine as-built conditions.
Investigation and leak studies.
Fire damage investigation and evaluation.
Quality control and inspection of structures.
Research and product development.
Consulting on concrete materials, including marine structures.
Corrosion evaluation of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures.
Concrete material failure and repair recommendations.
Structural analysis and design, including plans and specifications (specializing in reinforced and prestressed concrete)
Expert witness testimony on concrete material and testing related issues.
Inspection of concrete structural and material problems.
Design repairs for damaged or deteriorated structures.
Curtain wall design and testing.
RES offers a full- range of special inspection services performed by experienced and knowledgeable personnel. We will gladly provide resumes of qualified inspectors.

Inspection During Construction
Damage Evaluation
Structural Design Services
Failure Investigation
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